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Mission Statement
Dear Friend,

This year has been filled with a lot of hard work, but it all led to perfect success because we’ve been able to complete our Princess Auction, which drew support from 50 Chicago residents, and participation from Chicago clothiers and consignment shops. We've also been able to continue planning our Star Wars Scientific Adventure Event for 2016. If you can't join us this year, don't worry. There are other opportunities available for you to get involved. National Community Service Day 2017 is just around the corner, January 16th to be exact, so it would be great to have your support then as well. We are extremely grateful for everyone that came out, both students and community members to help with the 2016 project. It's been so wonderful having an opportunity to work with so many fantastic people so early on in the year.  

Through this year’s efforts, we have raised awareness about our capabilities as an organization, and expanded our services to include the Intellectual Practice, Project RED, and B. Alley programs; Tam & Wags, Surviving College Financially, and the EDIE Opportunity. Much of the funding that we needed to cover the cost of student projects in 2016 was generated from the fundraising efforts of our leaders and a phenomenal team of volunteers, but our work isn’t done yet. We need support from organizations like yours to help us make our 2017 events a phenomenal success. 

Our mission hasn’t changed. We aspire to provide coaching in the areas of math, science, and writing, while also supporting students through the process of creating potentially patentable innovations, and publishable works.

Because of our programs, more than 20 students will be able to attend prom in 2017, and receive entrepreneurial training. Another 45 will also have access to extraordinary mentors who will help them develop marketable projects during a six month program. 

Our programs assist with college preparedness, encourage innovation, foster literacy and promote STEAM involvement. With that being said, thank you in advance for believing in us and supporting our academic endeavors. 

Warm regards,

Tamara Daniels

To provide qualifying students of the Jeune Hope Chicago Initiative's Intellectual Practice Program with scholarships from the Rebecca Everlene Trust Company Edie Opportunity, and coaching in the areas of math, science, and writing, while also supporting them through the process of creating a potentially patentable innovation, and/or a publishable piece of writing.  

To additionally provide financial support and entrepreneurial coaching for Jeune Hope Chicago Initiative Project RED program participants. Through scholarships from the Edie O. program, and participant fundraising efforts, students who are having a difficult time covering the cost of prom will receive the gift of a dreamy prom evening. Home schooled and ostracized students who haven't had an opportunity to develop friendships that lead to prom dates will also have the ability to request a compatible peer escort via efforts of the program.

And lastly, to provide hair assistance through Back Alley Hair, for those who have fallen on hard times. Just because the economy is bad, it doesn’t mean that ladies and kids have to look the part; gentlemen either if they wear fashionable braids. The Fairy God-Stylist seeks to spare talented individuals some of the shame associated with living on a tight budget. She also understands that appearance can make or break a child’s confidence and self-esteem. Whether a client has an interview, or a mom wants to treat her child to a princess braiding session, we are here to shut those meddling coworkers up and make their jaws drop. Back Alley Hair—affordable Back Alley Chic for the classy and the dapper.

To raise awareness about Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) and show pet owners how to make canines a functioning part of their households through Tam & Wags. By using basic training techniques, pet owners can overcome any behavioral issues that their pets have and transform their home into a more stable environment. 


The Project RED and Intellectual Practice Programs are dedicated to Rebecca Spaulding and Everlene Daniels Chambers, the grandmothers of our CEO-- both of which contributed so much to her life and so many others. It is because of their inspiration, their gift of giving, and their belief in community service that these programs are able to exist.
Fundraising Events

Event Name: OWL-oween Spectaculaire
Associated Program: Intellectual Practice
Features: On this occasion, we invite the children to let go of their boundaries and join the ranks of Lewis Carroll, Roald Dahl, and J.R.R Tolkien; to create magical worlds out of nothing more than mere words.  

Event Name: OWL-oween Spectaculare (formal event for pet lovers)
Associated Program: Tam & Wags
Features: To raise awareness about Breed-Specific Legislation (BSL), and provide kids with tips about how to prevent dog bites. 

Event Name: Lollipop Kids Science Adventure
Associated Program: Intellectual Practice
Features: Children will complete seven experiments, some of them edible, and further explore the field of STEM.