Intellectual Practice Program


  • Virtual & Face-to-Face Meetings
  • Math (for grades K-8)
  • Science (for grades K-8)
  • Writing (for people of all ages)IP Program

The Intellectual Practice (IP) Program is managed by our Education Ambassador. She shares with us more than 23 years of experience as a certified teacher in the Chicago Public School system, and 12 years as an Operations Manager with the American Bar Association. Her knowledge and expertise, combined with that of our other staff members, is what makes our program stand out among the rest. Read more...
Project RED

Project Rebecca Everlene Dream (RED) was created to help home schooled and conventional high school students find prom dates. Sometimes the unexpected happens and students aren’t able to befriend the date of their dreams. This shouldn’t affect whether or not they go to prom, nor should the lack of financial resources to cover the cost of attending the event. 

Any student can apply to Project RED to be paired up with another student for prom, but those who require sponsorship will need to submit proof of passing grades and a short essay to explain why they should receive assistance from our donors to qualify. Fundraising for prom apparel will be a group effort to help the teens bond and develop a level of entrepreneurship. Read more...

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  • Intellectual Practice Math, Science & Writing Program (IP Program) - apply now
  • Project Rebecca Everlene Dream (Project RED) - Rolling Admission
  • Rebecca Everlene Trust Company
Fundraising Events

Event Name: Mad Hatter's Writing Workshop
Associated Program: Intellectual Practice
Features: On this occasion, we invite the children to let go of their boundaries and join the ranks of Lewis Carroll, Roald Dahl, and J.R.R Tolkien; to create magical worlds out of nothing more than mere words.  

Event Name: Diamond Dogs Savoir-faire (formal event for pet lovers)
Associated Program: Productive PAWS
Features: To raise awareness about Breed-Specific Legislation (BSL), and provide pet owners with simple training techniques to curb behavioral issues. 

Event Name: Mad Hatter's Science Fair
Associated Program: Intellectual Practice
Features: Children will complete seven experiments, some of them edible, and further explore the field of STEM.

Event Name: Surviving College Financially Promo
Features: From finance to politics of the university, this book provides practical tips that have helped struggling students turn their lives around, the ordinary become the extraordinary, and the gifted soar. This book seeks to eliminate some of the under-preparedness of college students and decrease college drop-out rates. 
Program Specifics

• Math Page
• Writing Page

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