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Virtual & Face-to-Face Meetings
Math (for grades K-8)
Science (for grades K-8)
Writing (for people of all ages)


Financial Assistance w/Prom
Fundraising Events
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Lesson Plans

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Spaulding & Daniels Co.
The Spaulding & Daniels Leadership Group was incorporated in February of 2010, but has been providing several of its services for more than 18 years. Our corporate umbrella consists of the Jeune Hope Content Group, C. DuMorocc Sound Services, and the Rebecca Everlene Trust Company. Collectively, our employees have worked for:

  • The City of Chicago
  • The Chicago Board of Elections
  • Presidential, Gubernatorial, and Aldermanic Candidates
  • BrainMass Inc. Publishing
  • The City Colleges of Chicago
  • The Chicago Public Schools
  • The American Bar Association
  • NCS Pearson
  • Jeune Hope Chicago
  • Federal Armored Express
  • Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County
  • US Federal Government
  • American Journal Experts
  • AHI Real Estate and Insurance

Our innovative practices and state of the art programs are what set us apart from the competition. Not only does our team have the necessary experience to get jobs done quickly, but we specialize in capacity building endeavors that help grow prospects at both the individual and organizational levels.
Fundraising Events

Event Name: Wedding Cake Competition
Features: To provide a way for brides to sample a wide variety of wedding cakes in one venue. Winner of a raffle will win a free wedding cake.

Event Name: Leash Party (formal event for pet lovers)
Features: Haircuts/Grooming for dogs, Giveaway Pet Hotel Stay & Two free dog training sessions, Pet Pampering, Special dog shampoos, Pet Fashion Show.

Event Name: Chicago Kids Science Fair
Features: Elementary School kids attend an event to tinker with science experiments.

Spaulding & Daniels Co. Publicity

Virtual & Face-to-Face Meetings
Math (for grades K-8)
Science (for grades K-8)
Writing (for people of all ages)

  • provides coaching for students and professionals in math, science and writing
  • offers assistance to help participants publish a final project upon completion of the program
  • offers financial assistance/scholarships in the form of stock offerings to program participants through the Rebecca Everlene Trust Company

Project RED

The PROJECT RED program offers financial assistance to teens who anticipate having a difficult time covering the cost of prom and/or finding a prom date. The Spaulding & Daniels Leadership Group partners coach and support program participants through a series of fundraising efforts and provide them with networking opportunities to help them connect with other students who may be in the same situation.
Why Advertise With Us or Sponsor an Event
The Rebecca Everlene Trust Company is trying to reach students while they are young and gift them with a unique way to save money for college so that their talent can appreciate over time. There aren't too many kids who can say that they are published authors or that they invented something innovative, but the Spaulding & Daniels Leadership Group Partners want to offer program participants that opportunity. 

Not only are we trying to provide academic and financial support for students, but for teachers as well, through the availability of our Lesson Plan Inventory. Teaching is hard work and our teachers deserve a break sometimes. Providing polished and viable Lesson Plans helps relieve some of the pressure that they experience on a daily basis and also allows them to focus more time on actually teaching. Additionally, it frees up more time for them to give to their families.

The Rebecca Everlene Trust Company is just a small drop in the ocean of existing community organizations, but the difference that we believe it can make could be tremendous. The program strives to work with problem students to bring them up to par and the smartest to help them excel even further. As a team of teachers and volunteers, have found that individual attention is what is needed to help students be successful and the Rebecca Everlene Trust Company has the ability to provide that. 

Here's how you can claim the donation and sponsorship installment on your tax returns. Individuals who donate cash or property to the Rebecca Everlene Trust Company on an individual level will need to complete page 7 of form 1040, Schedule A. Cash donations include monies paid for tickets to events and random cash donations, while property donations cover gifts in the form of pencils, science supplies, and other items that were outlined on the sponsorship solicitation that was sent out at the end of 2012. Any property collected from a donor will need to be accompanied with a receipt, so that the Rebecca Everlene Trust Company can properly track amounts given. Otherwise, the items will be documented at a price of resale or fair market value. Corporations that donate cash or property to the Rebecca Everlene Trust Company will need to complete form 1120, page 11, line 19 to report donations.
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